A Romantic Valentine’s Day? Give Flowers to Express Your Love!

The most eagerly awaited party in the world is approaching. Yes, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and there are those who have already provided the gift, a special gift: a jewel, perhaps. Or an elegant accessory or a technological gadget. Or maybe a soft plush and precious chocolates.

But to the flowers, who thought about it? And above all: which flowers to give to express their love? The choice must correspond perfectly to the message you intend to deliver. Because every love story is different, each person has his tastes and his desires and giving a flower any may seem like a banal gesture, done in a last minute haste.

Choose according to your heart, the emotion you feel, the feeling that animates you. Be romantic, passionate! For every flower there is a meaning. For every love there is a flower. So the Lovers’ Day will be really special and not a day like any other.

rose girl flower sad alone

Take the rose, for example. The Rosacea family is composed of over 150 different species and of different colors. Each brings a different message. The white rose, for example, is a symbol of purity, therefore of pure, platonic love. It can also be donated to express the desire to declare to a partner who still does not know your feelings.

The yellow rose speaks instead of jealousy, or indicates the link in crisis and the desire to save the relationship. The pink rose indicates esteem and friendship and is suitable for a first date or when a relationship could turn into something more romantic.

The red rose is the universal symbol of love, is the flower of passion and recalls the fire of love that burns, both for relationships just blossomed, both for consolidated loves. Pay attention to how it is packaged: the stem must always be long and equipped with plugs. This is because the thorns underline the desire to preserve the passion, to protect it unchanged despite the passage of time.

A note on the number of red roses: a single rose flower indicates love for the girlfriend, the one and forever. Two roses allude to sharing and intimacy and from here we proceed by dozens: 12, 24, 36, to celebrate the family, the union, the prosperity of the bond.

Another flower indicated for Valentine’s Day is the tulip. It is a symbol of an intense, pure and faithful love. Also in this case the color is important: red is synonymous with passion, rose of friendship to cultivate, yellow with jealousy but also of joy and lightness. The orange tulip, on the other hand, is perfect for the first statement: it symbolizes the intention to take a step forward and is a way to explore the partner’s willingness to start a journey together.

Not bad also the idea to resort to a bunch of wildflowers, rich and colorful: daisies, primroses, forget-me-nots, leaves of sorrel and others. All flowers that, together, indicate the interest in the other person and a polite invitation to know each other better.

Finally, for solid couples, orchids are perfect, flowers inextricably linked to love and passion. Elegant and delicate, with a deep and vaguely allusive symbology, the orchids are suitable for Valentine’s Day and for all the special occasions of a couple, such as anniversaries or birthdays. They indicate lasting love, a passion that does not go away and deep affection.

For long-term couples the white lily is also recommended as a messenger of a constant and faithful love and desire to expand the family. The peach flowers are also delicate and perfect for the occasion, because they represent eternal dedication, gratitude and the impossibility of separating lovers.

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