Challenges Faced by Android Application Developers

7 Major Challenges Faced by Android Application Developers

Generally, the development of the Android application provides a great access to the user base globally. As every one of us knows that Android is the most needed platform and it helps the developers to create an app and focus on the maximum user base. Day by day the mobile app development companies are gaining a great demand the Android app development. At the same time, it also helps in the company reputation along with the standards. The fact is that achieving success in this competitive market is the little bit a difficult task and hence the developers should focus on the enhancement of the app development skills.

There is a list of key challenges faced by the Android app development organization in delivering a creative app. It is a great challenge mostly faced by all the developers and its impact is higher when compared to the other platforms. Generally, in the Android, there is a list of devices needed to be considered while developing an app. The present app developers are trying to focus one and only on the latest versions and hence the clients are losing their promising customers who are in the older versions.

List of Challenges Faced by Android Application Developers

1. Security and Patent Issues

In the Android, security is one and only the critical issue and creating of the Android app is not an easier task too. In this digital market, there is a list of Android devices running on the different OS versions is a complex one for the developers. As a result, Android Apps faces more and more security issues.

Lists of certificates are available in order to ensure the security for the encryption process and also to ensure 100% security for the users’ data in an authenticated manner.  In recent days, the software developers have also faced the violation of the patent issues. The major reason is that while developing of the other innovative features it is already utilized in the other apps without knowing its cause of implementation.

2. Mobile Device Resolution

One of the greatest challenges faced by the Android developers is to develop a smart android app which totally works on the different Android devices. Each and every device has its own features in the terms of the resolution and its size. Hence, according to the major terms of the resolution developing of an app is the little bit hard especially for the developers and the testers too. It works perfectly on the Android devices in terms of cost too.

3. Emerging Android Market

Emerging of the Android Market is one of the greatest challenges faced by the Android developers as there is a list of apps which are played in the play store itself. If you wish for the highest download, there should be some innovative app in order to shine in the competition. The update of the current technology along with the Android experience is the major key pillars for the Android developer to generate greater revenue.

4. A great Issue of Third Party API

Third Party API (Application Programming Interface) is a huge obstacle especially for the application usages on the different devices. Generally, the class-platforms do not allow the Android App Developers to make use of the services across the different versions in the Smartphone. Generally, the API incompatibility is a greater tendency in order to provide a greater functionality along with the interoperability of the mobile devices. Some of the API was created for the OS version and it also a difficult one for the implementation on the other versions.

5. No pre-defined Architecture

As every one of us knows that the Android is an open source operating system, the major challenge is that the development of an app already exists in this current market. There are more than one million apps which are deployed in the Google Play Store and thus it is hard for the developers to develop for something a unique one.

6. Android Market Search Engine

Here, the digital marketplace is one of the biggest challenges for the developers and thus the development will be automatically a complicated one. About more than four million apps are available in the market and visibility is one of the crucial challenges which are faced by the developers. In case if there is no proper attention for the marketing and promotion strategy, then for sure the app development loses the audience attention.

7. Device Fragmentation

Fragmentation is nothing but the alarming number of the different Operating System versions. Here, the main issue is with the reduced app along with the interoperability of the different devices. The best example is the Android Fragmentation and lists of Android devices are using this part globally. Most of the OD updates are controlled individually by the operators. Both the design and the development for the devices is an important task.

From the above-discussed points, we come to the conclusion that the Android app Development will be brighter but the challenges faced during the development will be a complicated one. The Android developers have to decide whether to face the challenges and proceed on towards the success path or to follow towards the custom development methodologies.

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