7 Awesome Theme Ideas for Tween Girl’s Birthday Party!

7 Awesome Theme Ideas for Tween Girl’s Birthday Party!

Birthdays are something of an ultimate special occasion – and throwing a proper birthday party will make it even more special. But, using those same age-old tricks and parties is a big no-no, as there are very many party ideas one could use for making that day significant and memorable. Tweens is an important period, with them discovering themselves for the first time, in a different way. Along with supporting them, you could also help them celebrate their birthday in a unique, in a significant way – something they’ll remember for lifetime – and the given types of amazing parties are here to do just that!

List of Seven Awesome Theme Ideas for Tween Girl’s Birthday Party!

1. Luau Party

Luau Party

To all of those who don’t know what a Luau Party is, it is a traditional Hawaiian party or a feast, that is usually accompanied by entertainment. It usually features traditional food, such as poi, Kalua pig, poke, lomi salmon, opihi, haupia and beer. The party also has entertainment, such as traditional Hawaiian music and hula. Tell your child and her friends to come dressed in such a theme! You can also send birthday gifts in tune with such a unique theme! You could always decrease the intensity a bit, with adjustments being in tune with the age of the tweens – that way, it’ll be more accepted.

2. Beading Party

Beading Party

One could always find girls using beads in many things – may it be their own attire, or their accessories. So, why not use this aspect and weave it into a beading party?You could have a fun beading activity, including making a bracelet with beads, which would keep your little guests busy for a while. You could even have a birthday cake delivery; especially of a cake with prominent and delicious beaded toppings around the cake.Beading party could be a great success, especially if the girls love doing such activities!

3. Limo Party

Limo Party

Your daughter deserves an elegant party for her birthday. And limo party is just the right thing to start with! Limos are highly expensive, and therefore you need to do it right, or it could pose as a disaster. Limos are large, enough to accommodate a relatively large group of people, which therefore becomes a great place to have a party! Adorn the place with balloons, with birthday balloon delivery getting possible and easy to do.Have some beautiful music in the background, arrange a cake, and you are all set to go and have fun.

4. Masquerade Party

Masquerade Party

A masquerade party is an event, in which one attends it in a costume, almost always wearing a mask.Less formal, costume parties, are just a variation of this age-old tradition. These parties are usually carried out in dim, dark settings, adding an aura of mystery and edginess. If your daughter loves something like this, then this Masquerade party is for her. Convert your party into something unique, mysterious of a night, and it’ll be the best day of your daughter’s life!

5. Disco Party

Disco Party

Disco party is something of a party for adults – but you could always make it children appropriate. Make over your home to resemble a disco atmosphere, and tell the guests to come in proper attire. Throw some disco balls all over the place, provide some good, delicious food, and you are all set to go. If you don’t want to clean it up after the party, search for some good discos in your town, so that it is hassle free for you as well as the guests.

6. Cooking Party

Cooking Party

If cooking is something your child loves, then that’s what she is gonna get for her birthday. When you arrange for a cooking party, it is actually just a normal birthday party, but there are activities related to cooking; how much better can it get? You could do wine tasting or make some light snacks as a part of a contest.

7. Fashion Fun Party

Fashion Fun Party

Fashion fun is something girls will love to bits. These birthday parties offer a great package for children and teenagers where they can learn all about creating their own fashion style and do it in a fun way. In these parties, you could incorporate make-up contests and have all the group over for a sleepover.

These ideas are very progressive and bold, something which no one will think for their daughter’s birthday. But they will work just fine, and so, you don’t have to worry anymore about incorporating them in your daughter’s special day. Go on and let your child have fun celebrating her tween birthday!

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